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  • Goldrush event with multiple thousands if not millions of $$$ split between top 100 holders after three months

  • A few lucky holders will each win $500 or more during Most Wanted events

  • Saloon Shootout events - take your shot at winning up to 5% of the pool

  • Rewards from the $RYZR/RYZR goldmine are NOT dependent on trading volume

  • Take part in the airdrop and refer as many people as you can!

  • Intro

    Last Man Standing is what the Wild West of Defi is all about - life changing rewards.

    DeFi is the Goldrush of the 21st century and this is the perfect token for the degens out there who are intrigued by the idea of competing for a big pay day.

    Usecase: being able to generate substantial passive rewards.

    Why Would Someone Buy This Token?

    Because it's a calculated relatively low-risk/high-reward gamble with a guaranteed massive payoff if you can break into the top 100 holder list!

    Besides, there is a giant, constantly growing goldmine full of $RYZR/RYZR! How many other rewards tokens can survive without relying on volume?

    Why Is It Called "Last Man Standing?"

    In most projects, the last person holding bags would be the loser because the project is dead and their bags are now worthless.

    Last Man Standing is the opposite - if you are the last bag holder, you'll be the only one collecting the insanely huge rewards from potentially multiple millions of dollars worth of staked $RYZR/$CAKE in the goldmine.

    This is probably the only token you'll ever come across where you'll wish there were fewer holders!

    Okay, So What Happens While I'm Waiting?

    There are three things that happen in the interim:

  • #1 - Most Wanted
  • Find yourself on the "Most Wanted" list and you just might win $500 or more!

  • #2 - Goldrush
  • Here's where the money is really made! Every three months, HALF of the total amount in the $RYZR/RYZR goldmine will be taken out and distributed to the top 100 holders.

  • When this happens there will hopefully be millions worth of $RYZR/RYZR in the goldmine at that time. The formula for calculating your rewards if you're a top 100 holder would be: (total $LMS tokens held by you)/(total $LMS tokens held by the top 100 holders) * (total value of $RYZR/RYZR in the goldmine)/2.

  • Let's look at an example:
    • Total $LMS tokens held by you = 1 million

    • Total $LMS tokens held by the top 100 holders = 50 million

    • Total value of $RYZR/RYZR in the goldmine = $2,000,000

    • (1 million)/(50 million) x ($2,000,000)/2 = $20,000 is your share of the Goldrush!

  • #3 - Saloon Shootout
  • Take your shot at winning up to 5% of the $RYZR/RYZR pool by shooting it out with other gunslingers for top buyer position.

  • How Will I Benefit If I Am Unable To Reach Top 100 Holder Status?

    The first way you can benefit is through the increase in the price of the token itself as the whales will undoubtedly battle it out to claim a spot as a top 10 or top 100 holder.

    With potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs during the Goldrush, many people will be FOMOing in trying to get a piece of the payout.

    The second way a smaller investor can benefit is by being on the Most Wanted list - this gives you a chance at winning $500 or more - or by being one of the top gunslingers during Saloon Shootout events!

    Has The Contract Been Audited?

    Yes, it has passed the free audit offered by TechRate. A comprehensive audit will be completed by TechRate after launch.

    The contract is verified and available for view on BSCscan for anyone who wants to look at the code - it is safu.


    A whole wagon load of $RYZR/$CAKE will be bought with 25% of the funds raised during the presale and staked in an auto-compounding syrup pool. This is where the weeekly rewards come from as well as the funds for the Goldrush event.

    Tokens for Special Sale: 110 Million
    Tokens for Sacrifice: 100 Million
    RyzrSwap Price: Announced soon!
    Tokens Added to Initial LP: 160 Million

    Tax: Buying/Selling

    • 8% - to $RYZR/$CAKE Goldmine
    • 2% - to Reflections
    • 2% - to Marketing
    • 2% - to Liquidity Pool
    • 1% - to Metaverse Rewards

    Token Information:

    Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

    Name: Last Man Standing

    Symbol: LMS

    Decimals: 9

    Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

    Presale Date: August 30th, 2022

    Liquidity Lock: 3 months to start

    Best of luck, Gunslinger - maybe you'll be the Last Man Standing!